GPS + Full-Color Map

GPS + Full-Color Map

The current location is determined
by energy-efficient GPS and indicated on a full-color offline map.

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Built in low-power GPS

Supports positioning data from three satellites
(American GPS, Russian GLONASS* and Japanese “MICHIBIKI” QZSS).
Steadily receives positioning data and displays your
current position on a full-color map.

  • * Compatibility to be added soon.

Full-color map display for offline use

Supports map data downloads through partnership with Mapbox,
a provider of worldwide map data. Maps can be displayed
even when your smartphone is offline, such as in areas
where cellular service cannot reach.
The map works in tandem with the built-in GPS function
to display positioning information.

  • * Download a map of your destination region in advance and select color area maps to use offline when you arrive.

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Two new designs linked with the GPS function

Original watch faces



An advanced watch face is realized through a design representing the GPS and map functions and animation of the map display.



Traveler enables the user to switch the type of information displayed
in the window in the lower part of the watch face,
and to launch the corresponding app just by tapping the watch face of the device.

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  • Traveler Date
  • Traveler Altimeter
  • Traveler Compass
  • Traveler Barometer

Location Memory IconLocation Memory

Personalized map management

Linkage between the GPS function and the full-color map enables accurate display
of your current location.
You can display the route of your activities, record specified points and discover
a wide range of other uses for your outdoor activities.

  • * This app’s functionality is limited when connected to an iOS device.
WSD-F20Location Memory Determine your current location.

Determine your current location.

Your current location is displayed on the color map
for easy confirmation anytime.

  • * In places where signals cannot reach your smartphone, it is necessary to download maps in advance via Wi-Fi.
    * When connected to an iOS device, it is necessary to download maps in advance via Wi-Fi.
WSD-F20Location Memory Write memos on the map.

Write memos on the map.

You can also display footprints of your actions,
record markers on the map or use voice input to make notes.*

  • * Requires connection to a smartphone for voice input to make notes. Cannot be used in areas where cellular service cannot reach.

Alter the map to suit your purposes.

Prepare a variety of map designs. Then choose the one you want
depending on the type of activity and purpose of use.

  • Location Memory Dark
  • Location Memory Light
  • Location Memory Outdoors
  • Location Memory Satellite
  • Location Memory Streets
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