Strolling on the water is a great past time in the Amami sea.

Speaking of Amami, it is the sea. In paradoxically saying,
Amami's travel can't come to an end without enjoying the sea.
However, it is somewhat tasteless that the two men travel and engage in snorkeling and diving.
Yes it is but how about SUP?
In consideration of the continuance of the active time, that relaxed feeling is also necessary for cooling down.
The two people set out to the Yoan beach in order to experience superb strolling on the water.

SUP Photograph

This was the first time that the two people challenged SUP but an idea they had come up with on the way to the Yoan beach became totally different, shrugging off a worry deriving from the first challenge. "Some people practice Yoga while doing SUP" "I've seen a photo showing a person enjoying nap on a floating SUP board “Can't we mix with activities, not to waste this precious time? They couldn't afford to let this opportunity slip away, because they were extremely curious about anything. ...... At that moment, an idea crossed their mind. Yes, fishing! Fortunately, fishing rods were readily available. Now or never. They loaded chairs and fishing rods on SUPs and paddled to the vast expanse of the ocean...

Their body trunk must be strong because they are usually enjoying paddling. They demonstrated they could easily stand on the boards. They looked unconfident immediately after they paddled out but they did so only for first several minutes. The boards they rowed gradually gained their speed. The boards went out far away before they knew it.

SUP Photograph

They sat down with dexterity on the chairs removed from the board they had been tied to. In response to a question made later, an experienced person said, “That is not what a beginner can do easily.” They had a moment of enjoying cooling down. The fishing results were not so important for them. The wind at the early summer sweeping across the surface of the water refreshingly stroked sweaty bodies by paddling.

SUP Photograph

Taking a look at the watch, it's already such a time, although they didn't notice because of the brightness of the sky. Easy visibility was welcome under the daytime sunlight at the time like this. The two seemed satisfied with the first experience of relief and exhilaration different from those for riding bicycles. After finishing strolling on the water, they slowly went back to the beach.


PROTREK Smart  WSD-F20 useful functions! 

A black and white liquid crystal can maintain
an excellent visibility even under the daytime sunlight!


Dual-Layer Liquid Crystal Display

Double layer system of liquid crystal for black and white and color continues
to be adopted because it was popular also in the previous series.
Especially, the black and white screen with a liquid crystal having excellent visibility even under
the daytime sunlight plays an active role in activities under the blue sky like SUP.
A separate use of two liquid crystals makes it possible
to secure an excellent visibility according to scenes.