The waterfall in a rarely visited region given birth to by nature on a mystery island.

On the final day, the travel came to the best part of it.
Two people aimed at this certain place that had been heard while traveling.
The name is “the Tangyo Falls.”
It's a big fall in the unexplored region with no description even in guide books.
The waterfall is on the upstream where huge rocks are ranging, passing through the tropical like jungle area.
They couldn't help getting excited by the location of the waterfall
in the unexplored region given birth to by nature in a mysterious island.

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Putting away the bicycles to the riverside, they changed to aqua shoes. It was inevitable to walk in a river in order to arrive at the Tangyo Falls. The river was not so deep water but there were numerous places where the water reached the knees. They kept on being hurry and moving on, fully enjoying the highest adventure feelings in this travel.

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They went into the river and walked rocky stretch about 20 minutes. The goal of the Tangyo Falls came into view in the foreground. However, the real part of hard and dangerous way seemed to start from here. The route to the waterfall was once drawn in the brain. Walking over numerous 2-meter big rocks and stepping on stones in the river...... to the surface of a river in the floating stone, and this seemed to be indeed difficult.

The waterfall sound became powerful. The nearer they came to the Tangyo Falls, the more difficult they felt it to lessen the distance to the Tangyo Falls....... It is almost asceticism rather than activity. At that time when fatigue reached the peak, the masterpiece finally showed its presence

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They finally arrived at the basin of a long-cherished waterfall. But, due to hidden scenic spot, it was impossible to grasp the whole picture of the waterfall. How big it was! The dynamic water fall sound and a strong sheet of spray told the magnitude of the waterfall. With it in mind that such a superb view should be known widely, the place for memory was registered in the location spot. The reality forgotten came back after pausing for breath on the side of the basin of the waterfall. “......Well, this time, we go back along the way we've just come .....”


PROTREK Smart  WSD-F20 useful functions! 

The place of the big fall not shown
in guide books was also marked on the map.



Activities usually have difficulty identifying the spots
for fishing and mountain climbing routes just like the Tangyo Falls we visited this time.
The location memory can leave a mark at the present place.
If you record the spot of your interest, it is easy
for you to take a look at again later and it is useful for you to visit the place.
You can use the location memory with freedom, i.e.
you can use the icon preset or leave an original memo by voice input.

  • * During iOS connection, usable functions are restricted.

    It is possible to add icons as you like. In this trekking, marking was used after starting the river trekking.