Applications designed to support outdoor activities.


Personalized map management

Linkage between the GPS function and the full-color map enables accurate display
of your current location.
You can display the route of your activities, record specified points and discover
a wide range of other uses for your outdoor activities.

  • LOCATION MEMORY | Determine your current location.

    Determine your current location.

  • LOCATION MEMORY | Write memos on the map.

    Write memos on the map.


Acquire a real-time grasp of changes
in outdoor conditions.

Available information includes area maps and travel routes as well as speeds,
distances, altitudes and changes in barometric pressure.
The data helps you judge situations quickly and take appropriate action.

  • ACTIVITY TrekkingACTIVITY Trekking Do


    Current time / elapsed time / travel route

  • ACTIVITY CyclingACTIVITY Cycling Do


    Current time / elapsed time / travel route

  • ACTIVITY FishingACTIVITY Fishing Do


    Current time / elapsed time / current barometric pressure / Barometric pressure tendency graph / fishing data



    Current time / elapsed time / travel route



    Current time / travel route


Timely provision of information you need.

Automatic notifications provide you with just the information
you need while measuring or recording
your activity, based on pre-set conditions.
This ensures that you do not miss the best times for your activities
(such as sunrise, etc.,)
and is also useful in pace management and increasing your motivation.

  • MOMENT SETTER Schedule notification

    Schedule notification

  • MOMENT SETTER Achievement notification

    Achievement notification

  • MOMENT SETTER Goal notification

    Goal notification


Information you want just when you want it.

Simply pressing the TOOL button displays a compass, altimeter, barometer;
other essential information for outdoor activities, such as in checking changes
in climatic conditions and other natural phenomena.
At the touch of a button you can also switch to the high-visibility monochrome display,
which is easy to see even in direct sunlight.

  • TOOL Direction measurement

    Direction measurement

  • TOOL Altitude measurement

    Altitude measurement

  • TOOL Atmospheric pressure measurement

    Atmospheric pressure measurement

  • TOOL Sunrise / Sunset times

    Sunrise / Sunset times

  • TOOL Tide graph

    Tide graph

  • TOOL Activity graph

    Activity graph


A location information communication app for
"gathering, connecting and spreading fun"
among friends.

Users can form a party on the spot with an easy operation
that does not require registering an account.
Simply check members’ locations on the map
and transmit messages so everyone can share in the fun.


CASIO MOMENT LINK Show your friends' current locations on the map.

Show your friends' current locations on the map.

When you are linked with the GPS function, you can determine each other's position, even while on the move.

CASIO MOMENT LINK Assemble a party

Assemble a party

Party members can be assembled on the spot, and share and exchange information each other. Since no data is retained after disbanding, the members’ privacy is assured.

CASIO MOMENT LINK Transmit messages.

Transmit messages.

Equipped with a text messaging function that supports voice input, making it possible to communicate even from distant locations.

  • *1 This app cannot be used when connected to an iOS device.
  • *2 This app makes use of cellular service and GPS data from your smartphone. It cannot be used in places where signals cannot reach your smartphone, or where GPS positioning information cannot be obtained.

Recommend APP*

Link to other apps popular with outdoors enthusiasts.

  • GPS app for hiking

    ViewRanger App IconViewRanger


    This is a GPS app for outdoor adventurers providing route information, navigation guidance, location data and distance to next waypoint all at a glance.
    App by Augmentra Ltd.

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Golf app

    HOLE19 App IconHOLE19


    Hole19 is one of the most comprehensive Android golf assistants and the Android Wear extension provides distance details for more than 41,000 courses around the world. The app itself is extremely in-depth, but as getting your phone out on the course is a big no-no, you'll be better off making use of the distance scoring features on your smartwatch.
    App by Stat Track Technologies Lda

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Surfing app
    WSD-F20-RGGlassy Surf Report | Forecast

    Glassy Surf Report | Forecast App IconGlassy Surf Report | Forecast

    Better Surfing, more waves and improved health. GLASSY is one of the most well-known Android surfing APP. Before you head to beaches, you can see the forecast of swell condition and access to the information of over 15,000 surfing sports globally. When you are ready to ride a wave, Glassy can track and record your surfing session. After your sessions is over, you can share your activities with your friend.
    App by Gradient Technologies S.L

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Weather app

    MyRadar App IconMyRadar

    This real-time weather app shows local animated weather maps, helping the user to easily and quickly track weather changes nearby.
    App by ACME AtronOmatic, LLC.

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Ski app
    WSD-F20-RGSki Tracks

    Ski Tracks App IconSki Tracks

    Ski Tracks

    Designed specifically for winter sports, the award-winning Ski Tracks is your worldwide, ultimate ski companion. Record your entire day on the slopes.
    App by Core Corders Ltd.

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Swimming app​​

    MySwimPro App IconMySwimPro

    Take your swimming to the next level with MySwimPro: The best workout app to help you swim smarter on Android wear.
    App by MySwimPro.

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Fishing app

    Fishbrain App IconFishbrain

    Fishbrain is the world's largest community-based fishing app. Join other anglers in your area and contribute to the worlds smartest local fishing forecasts.
    App by FishBrain.

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Fitness app
    • WSD-F20-RGZombies, Run!

      Zombies, Run! App IconZombies, Run!

      Get ready for the run of your life. Join 5 million runners on an epic adventure! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure.
      App by Six to Start.

      ANDROID APP ON Google Play

    • WSD-F20-RGExercise Timer

      Exercise Timer App IconExercise Timer

      Exercise timer is the ultimate fitness APP for any of your gym or home workouts. Whether you need to perform TABATA, HIIT or any other style, this is your perfect interval timer.
      App by NeuronDigital.

      ANDROID APP ON Google Play

  • Horseback riding app

    Equilab App IconEquilab

    Equilab is the horse app for all riders that want to follow up on their horse training and equestrian results It automatically tracks your horse movements. Manage your stable, horses, pony and co-riders, all in one place!
    App by Schvung Ride AB.

    ANDROID APP ON Google Play

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  • * Trouble-free app performance is not guaranteed.
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