for Trekking

for Trekking

Take readings to check the current outdoor conditions
and determine your course of action.
Then enjoy care-free trekking.

Traveling through nature

through nature

Display of accurate environmental information gives trekkers peace of mind.

Direction measurementMeasure directions, altitudes and atmospheric pressure with easy push-button operation. The results are useful for confirming the direction to your goal and predicting changes in the weather.

Stimulating emotions


Make the most of timely notifications to record irreplaceable moments.

Scheduled time notificationReceive automatic notification of sunrise/sunset times and other fleeting occurrences.

Reliving your achievements

Reliving your

Monitor your accomplishments as you go, and share the information with your companions.

ACTIVITY for TrekkingDisplays the altitude remaining from your current position to the goal, the elapsed time and your travel speed in real time.

Enjoying memories of the excursion

  • * The EX-FR100 with an EAM-2 multi-angle clip (sold separately) installed.

Enjoy memories of your treks even more.

Link up with the EXILIM Series EX-FR100 / EX-FR200 Outdoor Recorder Gear (sold separately) for easy remote shooting*1.
Capture memories of moments you could never record before.

Convenient Preset Apps for Trekking


ViewRanger App IconViewRanger

Everybody's outdoor adventure companion providing route information, navigation guidance, altitude graphs, location data and distance to next waypoint all at a glance.


  • *1 Notes on the EX-FR100 / EX-FR200
    • * Not compatible with iOS connection.
    • * Always equip the EX-FR100 (sold separately) / EX-FR200 (sold separately) with the most up-to-date firmware.
    • * Handles basic still photography, movie recording and image playback. Please note, however, that not all EX-FR100 / EX-FR200 controller functions are available for use.
  • * Limited functionality when connected to iOS device.
  • * Android Wear, Google and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.
  • * In addition, other product and company names mentioned on this site are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.