WSD-F20 Development Story

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Product Development Series

Let's join some developers as they take the WSD-F20 on a field trial, during which we will be introducing convenient functions and their recommended uses under actual trekking conditions.


Trekking Japan's Mt. Tsukuba is a day trek that treats climbers to rich natural beauty and beautiful sights. It's a great place to put the WSD-F20 smart outdoor watch through its paces.

This climb will gave us a chance to review the WSD-F20 smart outdoor watch through the eyes of individuals involved in its development. Kayo Okada was in charge of product planning and Takeshi Okada was tasked with specification design. Both Kayo and Takeshi love sports, but this was their first attempt at hitting the Mt. Tsukuba trails.

Mt. Tsukuba is a very popular trekking spot on the outskirts of the Kanto Plain west of Mt. Takao, and it is the perfect spot to see the functions of the WSD-F20 at work under actual trekking conditions.

KAYO OKADA: The WSD-F20 is packed with new GPS-based functions, and one of these functions is LOCATION MEMORY. As its name implies, LOCATION MEMORY is an app that lets you store location information.
Often when mountain trekking, for example, we are able to recall the view at the top of the mountain in pretty good detail, but we tend to forget what we experienced on the way up and down. The on-map route tracking and symbol marking capabilities of LOCATION MEMORY provide reminders of what we encountered along the way, which can remind us of happenings and events, and help us relive the entire trekking experience any time. We think that a field experience such as this will show just how powerful this feature really is.

TAKESHI OKADA: Also, the ACTIVITY and MOMENT SETTER apps that were also equipped on the previous WSD-F10 models are now linked with GPS to make them even more useful. The WSD-F20 features a host of other trekking functions that we are really looking forward to trying out during today's climb of Mt. Tsukuba.

Takeshi Okada (L) and Kayo Okada (R) of the New Product Development Division.

Takeshi Okada (L) and Kayo Okada (R) of the
New Product Development Division.

WSD-F20 RG (orange) and BK (black)

WSD-F20 RG (orange) and
BK (black)