for Fishing

Catch more fish.


Record favorite fishing spots



Record places where you caught fish on the map.
This is helpful when you want to efficiently search for fishing spots.

Check changes in the tide



Estimate fish movements based on tide data
from the specified port.

Don’t miss a time to fish



Calculate the period of time during
which fish are more active, and receive
notifications of the best time to go fishing.

Confirm your fishing results



Displays the number of fish caught,
when they were caught and the atmospheric pressure at the site.
Use the results the next time you fish.

Featured Apps


The Fishbrain is the world's largest community-based fishing app. Join other anglers in your area and contribute to the worlds smartest local fishing forecasts.

[App by Fishbrain AB]

What you can do with Fishbrain?

Forecast Check via Voice

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI

The following forecast is available.

  • Weather
  • Temperature
  • Best time to fish

Know The Best Time to Fish

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI

Know when is the best time for fishing by species using Fishbrains patented BiteTime.
BiteTime analyzes data from millions of catches and over 30 geographical attributes.

View Tide Graphs

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI

Tide information at the location of the map is available

  • Highest Tide
  • Lowest Tide

View Fishing Spots

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI

View catch locations with location markers

  • Red dots (Your own catches)
  • Green dots (Public catch locations by others - Premium Feature)

Know Wind Direction / Speed and Sunrise / Sunset

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUIFishbrain GUI

Information about Wind/Sunrise/Sunset is available.

  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Time of Sunrise
  • Time of Sunset

Log a Catch via Voice

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI

Log a catch for the following items.

  • Species
  • Catch & Release
  • Weight and Length
  • Location
  • Time and Date

How you can use Fishbrain?

When you want to decide where to fish,

When you want to know Tide Graphs,

When you want to decide what time to fish,

When you want to decide which spot to fish from after arriving at the location,

When you want to check the the wind direction,

Logging your catches during your fishing trip


Available Functions

Basic Function (for All Users)

  • Tide Graph
  • Wind Direction/Speed
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Catch Positions: Your own catches only as Red dots
  • Bite Time: up to 3 species
  • Forecast Check via Voice
  • Log a Catch via Voice

Subscription (Only for Premium Users)

  • All functions under Basic Function
  • Bite Time: up to 10 species
  • Catch Positions: Public catch locations as Green dots (Other users catches, which they have decided to share with the community)

How to activate Voice Operation of Fishbrain

By saying “Ok Google” to open Google Assistant, and then saying “Let me speak to Fishbrain” to start operation for “Forecast Check via Voice” or “Log a Catch via Voice”.

WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI

Recommended Commands for Voice Operation

Forecast Check via Voice

  • - How is the weather at Lakeview Pond?
  • - How is the fishing at my location?
  • - Weather forecast in Alligator Lake

Log a Catch via Voice

  • - Can I log a catch?
  • - Log a largemouth bass
  • - Add a new catch
WSD-F30-RGFishbrain GUI
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MyRadar App IconMyRadar

This real-time weather app shows local animated weather maps, helping the user to easily and quickly track weather changes nearby.

[App by ACME AtronOmatic]

Main functions

MyRadar App Image

Check amount of rainfall

Display an animated weather map. Check whether the rain is moving towards you or away from you, and its speed.

MyRadar App Image

Check today's weather

Display weather and temperature changes in one-hour increments.

MyRadar App Image

Check the weather for tomorrow and later days

Display the weather, temperature, and chance of rain for tomorrow and later days.

Check app details and the latest information here.


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