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Never get lost in nature.

Original WSD-F21HR dedicated apps

Check run statistics



Continuously measure and readily display
run statistics data, such as pace Average,
total time, and total distance.
Based on your preference,
item to display are customizable.

Record your log and route



Record a route you run on a map.
Check all of your route for the day at a glance.

Monitor your heart rate



Display a graph showing change of your heart rate.
A graph is colored differently for each heart rate zone.
This feature allows you to monitor changes in exercise
intensity chronologically.

Check your altitude change



Display a graph showing measurements of
altitude at one-minute intervals.
This allows you to grasp changes
in elevation even when you’re
climbing down at high speeds.

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Featured Apps


A running app for athletes, used by countless athletes around the world. Sync with your watch to track distance, speed, heart rate, time, and more in addition to Strava's unique metrics. Share your performance with your friends and followers.

[App by Strava, Inc.]

What you can do with


Check Stats


See your real-time progress

  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Average Speed
  • Heart Rate

Manual Lap Measurement


Measure lap time of any of your preferred distance manually by pressing a button

Analyze and Share performance

Strava GUI

All of your log data in detail are saved and reviewable on your smartphone Strava APP and they are sharable with your friends


Check Stats and maps


Access to your progress data in details Customize your screen from the 29 different items and create 4 access screen and 1 map to see your current location on a route

Import and Export Route


Import routes that you or others visited before and display it on a map of your watch. You can export your routes to share them with your friends.

Review performance

Strava GUI

All of your log data are saved and synchronized automatically to Google fit and reviewable on Google Fit Smartphone APP

How you can use


When you want to check your running progress during activity.

When your circuit distance is not 1km or 1mile and you want to check it manually.

When you want to review your statistics after run and share it with your friends.


When you want to customize a screen and access to a map and various stats in details.

When you want to try new routes and when you want to share your routes with others.

When you want to review your statistics and route.



Available Functions

Basic function

  • Record your log
  • Select either Run or Cycle
  • Measure distance, route, speed, elevation, heart rate and calories

Subscription (Only for premium users) operation on Smartphone APP

  • Training pack (Training menu based on your goal)
  • Safety Pack (Share your location data with your friends)
  • Analysis Pack (Details analysis)


Available Functions

  • Import and export routes
  • View offline maps and routes
  • Measure distance, route, speed, elevation, heart rate and calories
  • Heart rate zone alert

How to link with Google Fit

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This is a GPS app for outdoor adventurers providing route information, navigation guidance, location data and distance to next waypoint all at a glance.

[App by Augmentra Ltd.]

What you can do with ViewRanger?

Offline Maps & Routes

WSD-F30-RGViewRanger GUI


  • ViewRanger Landscape
  • OpenCycleMap
  • Premium topo maps in 17 countries
  • 250,000 route guides

Navigate with map

WSD-F30-RGViewRanger GUI

Once you download a route, ViewRanger navigates you to your destination with

  • Waypoints
  • An alert when you are out of route
  • Current Location (Latitude, Longitude, Elevation)

Check Stats

WSD-F30-RGViewRanger GUI

View real-time statistics of your adventure.

  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Total ascent
  • Total Descent

Record Log

WSD-F30-RGViewRanger GUI

Record tracks without a smartphone.

  • Track
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Speed

Create Route

WSD-F30-RGViewRanger GUI

Download routes from top publishers. Or create your own route. All can be downloaded onto watch and shared with friends.

Heart rate Measurement

WSD-F21HR-RDViewRanger GUI

You can measure and view Three types of your heart rate (WSD-F21HR only).

  • Real-time
  • Average
  • Max

How you can use ViewRanger?

When you want to explore a new route. Plan your own route or download from ViewRanger.

When you want turn by turn directions to navigate with confidence.

When you are without a cell or WiFi connection. ViewRanger works offline. No smartphone.

When you check your speed, elevation, GPS coordinates, and location on a wearable map.

When you get off track. ViewRanger guides you back.

When you want review your statists and track after trekking.


Available Functions

Basic function

  • Download Route
  • Detect GPS Location
  • Record Tracks
  • Download Map (Up to 2000 square kilometers)
  • Create Route and Send to watch
  • Navigate with Map
  • Check Stats
  • Heart rate Measurement (WSD-F21HR only)

Subscription(Only for Premium User)

  • All functions of Free of Charge
  • Unlimited Offline Map
  • Premium map(s) of 1 country from the below

How to Install


Download ViewRanger APP on your smartphone



Download ViewRanger APP on a watch from “Featured APP”


  • * Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
  • * Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


MyRadar App IconMyRadar

This real-time weather app shows local animated weather maps, helping the user to easily and quickly track weather changes nearby.

[App by ACME AtronOmatic]

Main functions

MyRadar App Image

Check amount of rainfall

Display an animated weather map. Check whether the rain is moving towards you or away from you, and its speed.

MyRadar App Image

Check today's weather

Display weather and temperature changes in one-hour increments.

MyRadar App Image

Check the weather for tomorrow and later days

Display the weather, temperature, and chance of rain for tomorrow and later days.

Check app details and the latest information here.


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