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Running and trail running

Link with GPS functionality and various sensors to
obtain measurements in different situations while you run.
From daily jogging to full marathons, training for trail running, and races,
the watch provides comprehensive support for your running activities.



Pace Average

Display average pace per 1 km.This helps you maintain an appropriate pace.

Total time

Check how long it’s been since you started measuring, which can come in handy in cases such as when you want to prevent overexertion.

Total distance

Display your running distance. Check an accurate measurement of the distance you have run, either for first-time courses or circular tracks.

Trail running

Trail running

Heart rate and zone

Display your current exercise intensity. This can be helpful when you want to be aware of the benefits of running.

Total distance

Display your running distance from the start position. Check an accurate record of your distance, even on mountains where gaining a sense of distance is not easy.


Display the elevation of your current location. You can use this in combination with the map to determine your current location with greater accuracy.

Optimize your display to match your activity.
Display customization

You can configure the items that are displayed during measurements
(in the upper, middle, and lower positions) to match your activity.
You can also expand the measurement screen, using the map and up to
four additional screens for your display.
Swipe the screen to change to different displays,
giving you instant access to the information you want to know during your run.

  • customized display 1

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  • customized display 2
  • customized display 3
  • customized display 4
  • customized display 5

Examples of Measurement customized display

  • Energy consumption

Energy consumption

Assess your activity from information such as your heart rate and the movement of your arms to calculate calories burned. Verify the level of your activity with a number. This helps you maintain an appropriate pace.

  • Goal ETA

Goal ETA

Display the time at which you will reach your specified running distance, which is determined from your average pace. This increases motivation.

  • Distance remaining to goal

Distance remaining to goal

Display the distance remaining to reach your specified distance. This can help you manage your pace.

  • Heart rate graph

Heart rate graph

Display a graph showing changes in your heart rate. This feature allows you to follow changes in exercise intensity chronologically through the use of color-coded displays of heart rate zones.

  • Altitude change graph

Altitude change graph

Display a graph showing measurements of altitude at one-minute intervals. This allows you to grasp changes in elevation even when you’re moving at higher speeds, such as during a mountain descent.

  • Speed graph

Speed graph

Measure change in your speed and display these changes in a graph. Different levels of speed are shown in a color-coded display, which allows you to check your running for that day.

Measurement function list

[Heart rate] · Heart rate and zone · Heart rate · Heart rate graph [Time] · Total time · Running time · Expected time · Goal ETA · Lap · Average lap · Pace · Average pace · Maximum pace [Distance] · Total distance · Distance remaining to goal [Speed] · Speed · Average speed · Maximum speed · Speed graph [Amount of activity] · Energy consumption [Pressure and altitude] · Barometer · Barometer graph · Altitude · Altitude change graph · Target altitude · Altitude remaining to goal · Elevation gain · Elevation loss [Other] · Current time · Battery level

Get notified of the information you need.

Display information on the screen that you need to know during your activities,
such as energy consumption and the timing for a drink of water, and get notified with a vibration.
Set up your own notification conditions to help you manage
your pace without overexerting yourself and to achieve beneficial training.

  • * MOMENT SETTER does not have any unique setting items for running or trail running.
  • Energy consumption notifications

Energy consumption notifications

Use energy consumption as a guide to when you should have a drink of water or receive nutritional support. Check an accurate record of your distance, even on mountains where gaining a sense of distance is not easy.

  • Notification of distance traveled

Notification of distance traveled

Feel a sense of achievement each time you run a certain distance, and raise your motivation.

Use music to increase motivation.
Music player

Download your favorite songs to your watch. Listen to your music without having to use your smartphone, with controls like song selection and volume control readily available. It’s easy to enjoy listening either offline or online by using music player apps like Spotify.

  • Google Play Music

Manage records of your activity on a smartphone.
Record activity data

Back up measurement data to Google Drive automatically. Manage activity records using tools such as Google Calendar™ on a smartphone, which can be useful for your daily training.

Displayed items (ACTIVITY: Trail running)]

· Activity duration and total distance · Average pace, average speed, and maximum speed · Average heart rate, maximum heart rate*, zone average*, and zone maximum* · VO2 max* and energy consumption* · Elevation gain and elevation loss

  • * This information does not appear in Google Calendar.
Google Calendar

Google Calendar™

Review your activity records on a calendar.