Design & Technology

Advanced technology and design supporting superior performance.

Measure the intensity of your exercise in real time.
Optical sensor (heart rate measurement)

Measure your heart rate simply by strapping the watch on your wrist.
Display data such as your current beats per minute and heart rate zone in numerical values and as graphs and graphics.
You can use this information to help you improve your exercise capabilities, increase your endurance, and engage in heart rate training.

Optical sensor

An optical sensor is mounted on the case back of the watch. This sensor measures your estimated heart rate by shining an LED light to detect the flow of blood in your body.

  • * This device displays an estimated heart rate based on the pulse measured by the sensor mounted on the back side (rear cover).
    The heart rate values displayed by the watch are approximate, and no guarantees are made concerning their accuracy.
  • * The heart rate measurement functionality of this watch is intended for use during recreational activities, and cannot be used for any kind of medical treatment.
Optical sensor (heart rate measurement)

Get the information you want to know right away.
Large color LCD + monochrome LCD
[ dual layer display ]

The watch uses an easy-to-read, 1.32 inch display that is large and easy to operate with touch operation.
Switch between the color LCD and monochrome LCD as the situation requires to achieve low power consumption and readability.
You can also configure up to four different measurement screens.*
Switch between different screens depending on what you want to do,
to allow instant confirmation of the data you're looking for while you're exercising.

  • * ACTIVITY: When using running or trail running

Monochrome LCD

The display of both the time and the various measurements consumes only a small amount of power.
The display is easy to read even outdoors, such as directly under the sun.

Color LCD

Display detailed information such as maps, sensor readings, and various notifications in a colorful, high-definition display.

Instantly access various information by pressing a button or swiping.

Monochrome LCDMonochrome LCD

Check various information that is always shown while you exercise.

  • Monochrome LCD1
  • Monochrome LCD2
  • Monochrome LCD3

Color LCDColor LCD

Check maps and other detailed displays.

  • Color LCD1
  • Color LCD2
  • Color LCD3
Even more comfortable to wear.
Soft urethane band

Even more comfortable to wear.
Soft urethane band

The watch uses a soft urethane material that makes it both flexible and durable. The double-pin buckle prevents slippage, while the larger number of holes in the band allows you to adjust it for an even finer fit. Breathability is also improved, reducing the feeling of the watch sticking to the skin due to sweat or other factors.

Bezel design

Lighter, and sportier.
Bezel design

Resin is used in the bezel to achieve a weight of approx. 81g (2.9 oz), the lightest in the series. Through unique molding technologies, the bezel is given a three-dimensional treatment in all aspects, including contours and grooves, and has been finished with a material that possesses a brilliant, metal-like sheen. The bezel is strong enough to protect the display, but also has a functional beauty worthy of outdoor gear.