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Heart Rate Measurement Functionality

Use this data for your training, whether it be managing the pace
of your activity or increasing your endurance.

Detect your motion to take measurements automatically.
Dedicated heart rate watch face

The watch face used in these models links up with the heart rate measurement functionality.
When the internal accelerometer detects motion (walking, running, or cycling), measurement begins automatically.

  • Normal screen

    [Normal screen]

    • Heart rate zone history (past 24 hours)
    • Daily maximum and minimum heart rate
    • Daily energy consumption
  • Measurement screen

    [Measurement screen]

    • Current heart rate zone
    • Current heart rate, and daily maximum and minimum heart rate
    • Daily energy consumption

Use as an index for pace management.
Heart rate measurement + heart rate zone display

RunningTrail runningTrekkingCyclingPaddlingSnow activities

  • In addition to your current heart rate and the maximum and minimum heart rate for that day, display your exercise intensity in the form of your heart rate zone over five different levels.
    Enjoy activities or training without overexerting yourself.

    • * Note that your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate must be set up before your heart rate zones can be displayed.
  • Heart rate measurement + heart rate zone display
Zone number Percentage with respect to maximum heart rate Subjective exercise intensity
90 to 100% Limit reached [improvements in maximum power]
80% to less than 90% Very strenuous [improvements in strength and stamina]
70% to less than 80% Somewhat strenuous [improvements in endurance]
60% to less than 70% Light [fat burning]
50% to less than 60% Very light [warm-ups and cooldowns]
  • Heart rate zone alerts

    If you set a particular heart rate zone in advance, you will be notified via a display and a vibration when you have exceeded that zone.
    This helps to prevent you from overexerting yourself.

  • Heart rate zone alerts

Support for increased endurance.
Measure your VO2 max

  • Measure your maximum oxygen consumption for your body per minute (for each kilogram of body weight).
    You can use this as a guide for endurance activities, such as running.

    • * Note that your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate must be set up before your VO2 max can be measured.
  • Measure your VO2 max

GPS + Color Map Display

For both new places and old favorites. View a map while you enjoy your activities.

Instantly find out where you are now.
Current location display

Display your current position and your recorded movement log on a high-definition color map while you measure your activity. This allows you to check your current position without having to get out your smartphone. Use this feature in situations such as when you want to challenge yourself with new courses or when you want to run while traveling.

Current location display


Example display (ACTIVITY: Trail running)

○ Current location ○ Center of movement: Color-coded heart rate zone display*

  • * The data for which color-coded display is possible varies depending on the activity.

Easily set up routes.
Route input

Import GPS log data (such as for past routes or recommended routes from ViewRanger) into the watch by using Google Drive™, and set these routes for running. Check your route on the map while you run as a form of simple navigation.

Route input

Use Google Drive to import GPS log data
(in KML or GPX format)

Share your favorite routes.
Creation of original routes

Save the routes on which you travel during your activities as activity data. You can use markers to record checkpoints for locations such as places where water is available, and create your own running routes. You can then share these routes with others.

Creation of original routesト


Record various markers

Record various markers